Rachel has just been cast as principle role Mandie Birch in the independent feature film, “Transatlantic Coffee.” The film is a classic tale of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl….only the boy, Alex Howard (Kevin Pinassi) is a 41 year old clown, and the girl, Mandie Birch (Rachel Marie Lewis), an underage dancer from London. Haunted by the memory of a mysterious woman, titillated by the surroundings of 2001 New York City, and enthralled by the emergence of Mandie into his life, Alex struggles to follow the advice of his best friend Ronnie (Marcel Torres), and more importantly, his heart to yield his desires and do what is seemingly right. Written and directed by Erik Peter Carlson, Transatlantic Coffee is a story of lust, love, loss, yearning, and ultimately confusion amidst a city in the shadows of tragedy.